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An Essential Read for Aspiring Professionals

Looking to get hired, promoted, or referred?
This is the book anyone starting or changing a career should devour.

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This book explains the 6 qualities and 30 specific behaviors necessary to rise to the top of any profession. It includes 240 strategies and tips on acquiring the qualities and practicing the behaviors. It also includes 60 quotes on career advice from amazingly accomplished people, and 30 data points and real-life examples for career success.

Praise for A True Professional

“Sincere, powerful, and compelling – a must read if you want to change your life for the better. If Dale Carnegie of “How to Win Friends” were alive today, he might have written this book. I say “might” have, because I think it would be tough for even him, to have communicated so much learning in such a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

~ Franc A. Nemanic

“I Wish I Had Read This @ Age 22! Valuable information suitable for both one’s professional and personal life. Quick read with poignant information and advice. I wish somebody had shared this information with me when I was 22 so I could have avoided the sometimes painful and often embarrassing learning curve!”

~ Frank MacDonald

“An amazing book with simple and timeless lessons for success. I just ordered five more to give to family and friends. Thank you, Mike and Durward, for this gem of a book.”

~ Certified Purchase, Amazon Customer

“A True Professional — Is an excellent read. Mr. O’Donnell reminds us the timeless qualities that are still very much expected in our world today. This book will challenge those who don’t believe professionalism is necessary, it will encourage those of you who desire to see it embraced again by all. This is a must add to your library.”

~ J. Ward, South Florida

“These are timeless lessons for all professionals, especially those just starting their careers. It covers many important lessons that seem to have been lost over the years. I think all young people should read this (and experienced people too – good refresher). It is discouraging to walk into a store or have contact with a business person that doesn’t seem to know (or remember) what is required to present themselves in a professional manner. This book will definitely help teach important lessons. All schools, DECA programs and businesses that hire people who come in contact with the public should buy this book for their scribes! Easy read with good lessons… well done!”

~ Patricia Curtis

“As a college professor, management consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and board director of several non-profits, I can confirm the qualities and behaviors championed in A True Professional are just as applicable in the education and non-profit sectors, as they are in the business world. Professionalism never goes out of style as a key to a successful career.”

~ A.J. (Lonnie) Strickland, John R. Miller Professor of Strategic Management, The University of Alabama, Graduate School of Business

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